Seattle police say riot in city

By | July 26, 2020
Seattle police say riot in city

Demonstrators throw stones, bottles, and explosives at police, smashing the windows of buildings.
Police in The American Seattle recognized the actions of protest rioters, and then detained dozens of people. This is reported on Twitter by the police
Demonstrators threw pyrotechnics, stones, and bottles at the cops. Detainees are mostly charged with assaulting police officers and refusing to comply with the authorities’ demands. Special means were used in the dispersal of the rioters.

“Due to the continuing damage and threats to public safety in connection with this incident, the Seattle police declare it a mutiny … Mass detentions were carried out. Officers continue to work to disperse the crowd,” police said in a statement.

According to the latest data, 45 people were detained, at least 21 law enforcement officers were injured, most of them have already returned to work.

In addition, protesters set fire to a construction wagon and construction on the territory of the juvenile detention center under construction, as well as attempts to blow up the walls of the police station.

Protesters continue to throw stones, bottles, and explosives at law enforcement officers, smash the windows of buildings.

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