Second us state to sue China

By | May 13, 2020
Second us state to sue China

The first lawsuit against China over the coronavirus was filed by the state of Missouri. The state of Mississippi intends to follow it.
Following the state of Missouri, the state of Mississippi will file a lawsuit against China, writes the Hill.

State attorney General Lynn Fitch said that “too many Mississippians have suffered as a result of silencing by China.”

“We cannot allow them to act with impunity. The people of Mississippi deserve justice, and I will seek it in court, ” she added.

The Prosecutor also intends to seek damages from China.

Fitch is calling on Mississippi’s representatives in us Congress to support legislation recently introduced by Senator Tom Cotton and Congressman Dan Crenshaw that would allow Americans to sue Beijing to recover damages for losses caused by the new coronavirus.

Note that China called the Missouri lawsuit an “absurd step”.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump threatened China with consequences over COVID-19. Beijing must respond if it deliberately allowed the coronavirus outbreak, us President stressed.

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