Sell your face. Google surprises with the development of a new smartphone

An American corporation pays people for a selfie.
At the moment, the world-famous company Google is developing a next-generation smartphone. And in its short existence Pixel has already surpassed such world brands as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The news about “face purchases” is based on the fact that the new flagship will be equipped with facial recognition. That is why, to improve the quality of its work, employees of the corporation “hunt” for selfies of volunteers. According to the latest data of experts, the cost of such a deposit in Google is five dollars or 60 rubles. The corporation also offers an alternative to money in the form of a discount coupon on the Amazon site or a coffee shop in Starbucks. As for the smartphone itself, its filling and cost is not yet known. But one thing is clear – the possibility of hacking from hackers and further information leakage is not to be afraid, as the phone will be fully ready to protect.

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