Shock ships of the United States and Britain entered the Barents Sea

Shock ships of the United States and Britain entered the Barents Sea

The forces and means of the Russian Northern Fleet began monitoring the actions of the naval group of NATO countries.
NATO’s naval strike group entered the Barents Sea. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday, May 4.

“The forces and means of the Northern Fleet have begun tracking the actions of the NATO naval strike group as part of the URO (missile defense) destroyers: Porter, Donald Cook, Roosevelt of the U.S. Navy and frigate URO” Kent “of the British Navy,” in the message.

It is noted that the ships of the Western countries entered the Barents Sea at 7:00 in the morning.

It is known that these US Navy destroyers are equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles and the Aegis missile defense system. The ships are permanently deployed in Europe at the Spanish military base in Rota. Together with the Aegis missile defense ground bases in Poland and Romania, these ships are part of the program for building a European phased missile defense system.

Earlier in April, ships of NATO countries entered the Baltic Sea. Then they included the destroyer US Navy Gravel, frigates of the Navy of Poland, Turkey, and Spain. Russian ships followed them.

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