Shooting in Athens: More than a hundred detained, one dead

In the centre of the city, an armed group of people attacked the sellers of smuggled cigarettes. The skirmishes ended in gunfire, killing one Afghan and wounding another.
In Athens, Greek police detained at least 129 people after a deadly shooting in the city center. This is reported by Ekathimerini on Friday, February 14.

“At least 129 people were detained in central Athens on Friday afternoon as a result of a police operation to find those responsible for the shooting, which killed one person and injured another,” the statement said.

The previous evening, 30 people with knives and firearms attacked a group of people who were selling smuggled cigarettes in Athens. Witnesses said the attackers demanded money from sellers to keep the place of trade.

A 23-year-old Afghan national was killed and another 25-year-old Afghan was wounded in clashes between two groups.

Police believe the incident may be linked to a criminal showdown over the flow of contraband and the trafficking of drugs and the sale of false documents.

Earlier, an armed soldier shot his colleagues and stole a car in one of the army units in northeast Thailand. As he drove around the city, he opened fire on passers-by, then fled to the mall and took hostages. He was eliminated during a 17-hour operation. The media reported 30 dead.

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It was also reported that there was a shooting at the University of the United States. Two people were killed and one injured in the shooting, which occurred in a dormitory. Her cause is being investigated.