Shooting occurred in the USA: seven people died

Shooting occurred in the USA: seven people died

The shooting occurred in Alabama – the bodies of the dead were found in a burning house by the sheriff’s assistants.
In the United States, seven people were killed as a result of the shooting. This was reported to ABC News on Friday, June 5, referring to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama.

The sheriff is informed that the shots were fired at around midnight local time on Taluk Road in Morgan County.

After that, the sheriff’s assistants found the dead in a burning house. The flame was extinguished before the arrival of firefighters. All the victims were adults.
Shooting occurred in the USA: seven people died
Now the crime scene is cordoned off. An investigation has begun.

Recall that earlier on the basis of the US Air Force there was a shooting, there are killed. The base command promises to publish the names of the dead in a day, an investigation is underway.

It was also reported that there was a shooting in the American shopping center, there were wounded. One of the three victims after firing in the mall in serious condition. Law enforcement authorities detained the attacker.

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