Short-sighted and Wrong ": Russian Kremlin commented on Trump's breakup with WHO

Short-sighted and Wrong ”: Russian Kremlin commented on Trump’s breakup with WHO

Relations were discontinued due to WHO’s refusal to carry out US-required reforms.
The decision of US President Donald Trump to break off relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) was called short-sighted in the State.
“Breaking up relations with WHO at such a difficult moment in the world is, of course, short-sighted and absolutely wrong,” said Alexei Chepa, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s committee on international affairs.

According to him, this will negatively affect the activities of WHO, since the United States has made large contributions. Donald Trump plans to channel funds to the urgent needs of health systems around the world.
Also, the American leader accused the organization of collaborating with China, which could not contain the coronavirus domestically, and untimely notified the world community about the epidemic.

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