“Sick” Kadyrov beat in front of the child of the best fighter of Russia 2015

By | January 25, 2020

Ramzan Akhmatovich still wants to enter the ring with a professional.

Despite the fight with Alexander Emelianenko and talk about health problems, the “sick” head of Chechnya, in retirement, trains enthusiastically in the gym Khabib Nurmagomedov.

During another sparring session in the walls of “Akhmat”, Ramzan Kadyrov beat in front of the child the best fighter of Russia 2015. The leader of the Czech Republic trains with Abdulkerim Yedilov. The Chechen fighter is known all over the world for his shameful career in the UFC. In 2015, Abdulkerim was recognized as the best in Russia, he signed a contract with Dana White, but immediately passed a two-year disqualification for doping. Later, Yedilov broke two fights in the UFC, entering the Octagon only once – a TKO victory over Serb Bojan Mihajlovic. Last year, a Chechen was kicked out of the most famous MMA promotion.

Since 2017, Yedilov fights only in training “Ahmat”, growing a future champion in the younger brother Adam. This is what Abdulkerim’s fight with Kadyrov judged. It is unlikely that Edilov fought Kadyrov in full force. There was no brave man in the walls of “Ahmat” who allowed himself not to succumb to the leader of Chechnya.

But it is also not necessary to underestimate Kadyrov’s boxing skills, because he is a master of sports. However, in Russia, there is not a single witness to Ramzan Akhmatovich’s receipt of the prestigious status. Probably, it was because of envious doubts the politician-athlete started a fighting adventure, first called Emelianenko, and now looking for alexander a worthy replacement.

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