“Simply unthinkable”: Meghan Markle commented on US protests

By | June 4, 2020
“Simply unthinkable”: Meghan Markle commented on US protests

The Duchess of Sussex noted that she considers inconceivable what is happening in her native country. She added that she had been silent for a week and that was wrong.
Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, video-chatted with graduates of her former Immaculate Hear school in Los Angeles. The ex-actress commented on the protests in America and the problems associated with racism. The video appeared on Markle’s Instagram account.

The Duchess of Sussex noted that she was silent for a week, as she thought how to respond to what was happening. According to her, such an act was wrong on her part.

“The fact that the last week is happening in our country, in our state, and in our native Los Angeles is simply unthinkable. To be silent for a whole week was wrong on my part. I just did not know what I could tell you, but in the end, I realized “the only wrong decision is to remain silent. I’m sorry that we could not make the world the place you deserve to live in,” said Meghan Markle.

She noted that it is important and necessary to pay attention to the problems of other people.

“My teacher has always said that it is necessary to put the needs of other people above their fears. These words are forever imprinted in my heart, and with them, I go through life,” Markle said.

She also emphasized that the life of a deceased George Floyd matters.

Markle added that she was 11 years old when riots broke out in Los Angeles “caused by a senseless act of racism.” She remembers curfew, burning buildings, and people with rifles.

“This is what you should have known, but knew as a lesson in history, and not as your own reality,” said the duchess.

The spouse of the British prince urged teens to become part of the anti-racism movement.

Recall the unrest in the United States began after May 25, an African American George Floyd died while being detained by the police. The officer kneeled on his neck and kept the 46-year-old man pressed to the sidewalk.

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