Slovakia suspends flights of all MiG-29s

Slovakia suspends flights of all MiG-29s

The absence of the MiG-29 in the airspace will not negatively affect security, according to the country’s Defense Ministry.
The Slovak Air Force Command has decided to temporarily suspend the training flights of all MiG-29 supersonic fighters. This was told by the representative of the Ministry of Defense Danka Tsapakova, TASS reports citing Slovak Radio on Sunday, September 29. Training flights of MiG-29 temporarily stopped due to the crash of one of them on Saturday evening near the city It’s in the Nitrian region,” she said. “This decision will not have a negative impact on the safety of the airspace.”

The pilot, who piloted the crashed MiG-29, was catapulted. He’s in the hospital. His state of health does not cause concern to medics. The pilot, having established the fact of the inevitability of the disaster, showed, as Tsapakova stressed, high professional qualities and composure, directing the falling fighter in the zone where there are no housing and industrial facilities.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could have been a lack of fuel in the MiG-29 tanks. But the Defense Ministry has not yet confirmed this version. A special commission of inquiry has been set up to investigate the state of emergency. Only on the basis of its conclusions will be established the exact cause of the crash of the fighter.

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Recall, September 19 in France crashed Belgian F-16 fighter during a training exercise. Both pilots escaped.

Earlier in Spain, a military plane crashed into the sea during a training exercise. The plane’s commander and his student were killed.