Smart Glove InfinityGlove will revolutionize gaming

By | August 24, 2020
Smart Glove InfinityGlove will revolutionize gaming

How exciting would it be if character management were truly simple and intuitive? Conventional gaming controls, such as a mouse, keyboard, or even advanced by modern standards controller, are not able to give gamers the potential that is embedded in some modern games. Developers come to the fact that the most convenient management is achieved – gesture management.

There are already solutions to implement this idea. They are certainly good, but if you look at them with a critical look, not as comfortable as you would like. Such controllers in the form of gloves are still cumbersome, and their price is high enough to be considered massive. But developers from Singapore have offered their solution, which can bring a real revolution in the gaming world.

We are talking about a smart Glove InfinityGlove. It allows you to implement the most convenient, simple, and natural control in games with gestures. The glove material is woven into sensors made of the thinnest microfibers that fit the fingers. All of them are compared with the exits of the controller. Thus, you can build three-dimensional models of the position of the hand in space and on the basis of this to understand gestures. This approach allows a person to take another step towards more complete control of the machine.

The development of Singaporean scientists can be successfully used not only in the gaming field but also in medicine. The authors of the technology consider it as one of the tools of restorative therapy in patients who have undergone hand surgery. With the InfinityGlove glove, they can learn to feel faster and return to normal life faster.

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