Smartphones will start to warn about the approach of earthquakes

By | August 12, 2020
Smartphones will start to warn about the approach of earthquakes

Pets can catch the approach of earthquakes. They start to be anxious, trying to attract attention, but it usually leads to nothing – people just do not notice it. Existing quake early warning systems are working, but there is another problem with how to quickly communicate this message to people in danger zone.

But Google seems to have found a solution that can meet all the requirements. Recently it became known that every smartphone on the Android operating system will carry the functionality of the mobile seismic station. The feature will be implemented through the accelerometer already available on most phones. Its sensitivity is enough to record the first wave from aftershocks. Once the event is registered with them, the data will be sent to a special server of the company.

The new system will be configured for the prompt and thorough processing of the information received. If there is a spike in calls to the server in any region, it will indicate the approach of the raging elements. With data on user geolocation, the “goodness corporation” will send warnings to those of them that are in a potentially dangerous zone. In this way, the number of victims could be reduced.

The new warning system is expected to be global. Everyone will be able to connect to it. This year it will start working in California. From 2021, other regions of the Earth will be connected to it. The functionality will be expanded. Hazard warnings will include recommendations on how to deal with an earthquake and the location of nearby shelters.

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