Smoke from the Siberian fire reached the USA and Canada

Smoke from forest fires in Siberia has already reached Seattle and Vancouver, according to NASA. Alaska and Northwest Canada also have forest fires.
The smoke from the burning Siberian forests reached the territory of Alaska and the West coast of Canada, NASA reported with reference to satellite images.”The smoke from the Siberian fires overcame the Eastern part of Russia and is now visible in Alaska, where it may have mixed with the smoke from local fires,” said Colin Seftor, an expert on the atmosphere of the Goddard space flight Center.

According to him, the smoke also spread along the Western coast of Canada, over the Eastern Pacific ocean, and is visible over Vancouver and Seattle. Fires in Northwest Canada also contribute to atmospheric pollution in the area.

The Goddard space flight center is a large space research laboratory within NASA. It is located approximately in the vicinity of Washington.

Earlier it was reported that in Alaska burning forests because of the record heat. Also, the Correspondent wrote that in five regions of Russia entered the emergency mode from-for forest fires.

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