Snipers were seen on the roof of Lukashenko’s residence.

By | September 20, 2020
Snipers were seen on the roof of Lukashenko's residence.

In the capital of Belarus on the roof of the Palace of Independence counted three snipers. Also in the city center pulled military equipment.
In Minsk, on the roof of the Palace of Independence, which is the working residence of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, noticed at least three snipers. This is reported by the Telegram channel Military Observer.

According to the newspaper, these specialists are part of the Lukashenko Security Service.

Earlier we wrote that armored vehicles appeared in the center of Minsk. It is concentrated in the place where the opposition action is planned. In particular, we have seen armored reconnaissance and sentinel vehicles, trucks for transporting Interior Troops, and buses carrying OMON soldiers.

Recall that mass protests in Belarus demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko and the holding of new elections have been held since August 9.