Social media deleted Trump’s video

Social media deleted Trump's video

Twitter blocked the president’s account, attributing it to “repeated and serious violations” of the platform’s rules

Facebook and YouTube deleted a video of President Donald Trump that again made allegations of election fraud while he called on protesters storming the Capitol to go home.

Twitter banned users from retweeting the video “because of the risk of violence” as hundreds of protesters tried to force Congress to overturn the president’s electoral defeat and President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Twitter later removed Trump’s tweet, in which he reiterated his claim that he had won the election.

Later that evening, Twitter blocked the president’s account for 12 hours due to “repeated and serious violations” of that social network’s rules and threatened to permanently block it.

Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen tweeted that he believed the president’s video “amplifies rather than mitigates the risks of the violence taking place,” noting that the decision was part of “appropriate emergency measures.”

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