Soldier who opened fire in Thailand named as professional shooter

Thai soldier Jakrapanth Thomma, who carried out the shooting at a shopping mall in the town of Nakhonratchashima (Corat), stole at least 700 rounds of ammunition from the military unit. Khaosod writes about it.

According to the Internet portal, the soldier is a professional shooter who has repeatedly won shooting competitions.

Earlier it was reported that the attacker was armed with a grenade launcher. He fired his weapon into the mall before continuing to fire the rifle. In this regard, a fire broke out on the ground floor of the building, which has already been extinguished by rescuers.

On February 8, Tomma killed his commander and two other people in a military camp, hijacked a jeep and shot people in the street. He then went to the mall, where he reopened. During the attack, he broadcast his actions live on his Facebook page. In one of the videos, he said that he was so exhausted by shooting at people that he could not move his finger.

As a result of the incident, 17 people were killed and many were injured. Another 16 locals are being held hostage by the shooter.

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