Sources said Italy rejected EU COVID-19 document

Sources said Italy rejected EU COVID-19 document

. Italy rejected a draft final document of the meeting of 27 EU leaders, which was held in the format of video conference was dedicated to the development of economic measures to overcome the consequences of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, it became known to journalists from sources in the government Palace Chigi.
According to this information, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte gave colleagues 10 days in order to find an “adequate solution corresponding to the severity of the emergency,” which is positive. Italian Prime Minister invited the European leaders to create a group of five heads of state or government of the EU countries for the formulation of proposals to overcome the current crisis.

His colleagues in the leadership of the European countries, Conte said that the response to the symmetric shock does not fit the tools developed in the past relating to individual countries.
Speaking Thursday before the Senate of the Italian Parliament, Conte has called for the issue of European “coronato” – bonds to Finance economic response to the pandemic.
It is noted that Comte rejected the draft European document, despite the fact that in the preparation process removed the possibility of using the European stability mechanism (ESM). It was during the previous financial crisis to support troubled countries in the Eurozone, and in the case of an economic response to the coronavirus, he had to raise funds on the markets, according to Italian media, with 36 billion euros.
World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest data, the world is already infected more than 460 thousand people, more than 20 thousand died.

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