Space Perspective launches tourist space flights

Space Perspective launches tourist space flights

Space tourism has long been discussed and looks like a promising direction because many are ready to give their hard-earned money to take a look at how our planet looks from space. Moreover, Elon Musk declares that soon tourist flights into space will become a reality. However, you can fly into space not only on a rocket but also on … a balloon!

Yes, yes, it’s on a balloon, if it is a Space Perspective balloon intended for flights in the stratosphere. The company’s plans are very broad — it is ready to offer a journey into the stratosphere to such a height where the conditional border between it and space passes to those who can pay for it. The main emphasis is on the fact that a trip to space can be calm and pleasant, and you can enjoy the views from the beginning to the end of the flight. In addition, such flights will be safer than missiles that tend to explode.

To be honest, such a flight is not a flight into space. Scientists have determined that space begins 50 kilometers from the earth’s surface. Space Perspective will rise only 30,000 meters. Thus, the space experience of tourists will be incomplete. They cannot, for example, feel what weightlessness is. Nevertheless, many can be attracted by the prices of such trips and the level of comfort that tourists will receive.

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A balloon filled with hydrogen, with the Neptune capsule attached to it, will fly up 12 miles every hour until it reaches the calculated altitude. As a result, the flight will take 6 hours, and two hours will be at the disposal of tourists to view the Earth — the ball will hang. Inside the capsule will be a bathroom, a drink bar, and Wi-Fi. The cost of such a flight has not yet been announced, but company executives have already stated that a ticket will cost 50% less than competitors’ offers.

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