A "space" way to charge gadgets developed by the Chinese

A “space” way to charge gadgets developed by the Chinese

You can charge your smartphone with hot water! But by no means rush to throw your smartphones into the boiling water! The technology that allows you to charge smartphones and other wearable equipment with the heat of hot water does exist. It was announced by scientists from China. The researchers have taken as a basis the developments addressed to the space industry. As it turned out, they may well be useful on Earth as well.

The basis for such a charger was a thermoelectric chip. In contact with water heated to a high temperature, it is able to generate electricity. The voltage is not that high, but it is enough to charge mobile gadgets. Similar technologies have long been used in spacecraft. In addition to the idea itself, Chinese scientists have recorded a video demonstration of the prototype. The chip itself is in a lid, which closes a container of water.

According to the developers, pouring 500 ml of hot water into the container can provide charging for a smartphone within half an hour. The technology has already begun to improve. For example, it is proposed to make the body of the bottle from a lightweight insulating material. This will reduce the weight of the finished device for charging. It is noted that the idea is quite viable and promising. With some attention, it may turn into a commercial project in a short period of time. The development is more than actual at the same time as the screens of smartphones and the current consumption of mobile electronics are increasing.

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