SpaceX’s “Martian” spacecraft discourages viewers

By | August 5, 2020

SpaceX has shown flight tests of its new “Martian” spacecraft. On the web, users share their impressions. Some were dismayed by the appearance of the ship: “Why does it look like a bottle?”

The web shares their impressions after the test flight of the new “Martian” ship. The launch was broadcast on NASA’s YouTube channel.

The video shows starship, which the developers plan to replace Falcon rockets, climbs 150 meters above the platform, and then smoothly descends on the platform.

If the project is successful, the rocket is expected to be able to deliver 100 tons of payload into space in the future. After the tests, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the possibility of flying to Mars would be real.

Users were also encouraged by the tests, though some were confused by the shape of the ship.

Someone compares the appearance of a spaceship with a bottle, someone with a can of paint.

“Everyone knows that the 2-liter bottle is wrapped in duct tape and it’s photoshop,” one tweeter said.

“I hope they’ll get a little bit of it before they land this thing on Mars… We will be a laughing stock for the solar system… I can just imagine the gossip of the Arcturians when we land and they’ll send a message that a giant Earth thermos has arrived on Mars,” adds another.

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