Spain approves euthanasia law

Spain approves euthanasia law

The law removes the threat of imprisonment for people who help others to die
Spain has approved a law allowing euthanasia, becoming the fourth EU country to legalize the procedure.
The decision was supported by 202 MPs, 141 voted against.
“Today, the majority of parliament has witnessed people who are sick and who have demanded this right for years,” said Spanish Socialist Labor Party MP Maria Luisa Carcedo during the closing debate.

The law allows people with “serious, chronic diseases with no chance of recovery and unbearable suffering” to seek medical help in ending their lives, according to the document posted on the parliament’s website.

The law, which will take effect in three months, will remove the threat of imprisonment for people who help another person to die. Doctors will not be required to take part in ending a person’s life.

Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands already allow euthanasia under certain conditions.

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