Spanish government unveils quarantine plan

Spanish government unveils quarantine plan

There are four stages in the plan – phases from 0 to 3. The country can return to a normal lifestyle by the end of June.
In Spain, they introduced a government plan to de-escalate quarantine measures. This was stated by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, reports El Pais on Wednesday, April 29.

“The plan for the transition to a new normality, which we have been working on for almost a month, was approved by the government today. We took lessons from other places, but adapted them to the diversity and realities of our country,” says Sanchez.

De-escalation will be “gradual, asymmetric – depending on regions – and coordinated.”

“There will be no mobility between the provinces or islands until normalcy returns,” Sanchez said, emphasizing that there will be four steps to weakening measures without fixed dates in order to be flexible depending on the situation.

Phase 0 will begin on May 4 and will include the restoration of small businesses, such as restaurants, which can offer take-away food, and places that can take orders. The work of hairdressers will also be restored, individual sports and walks are allowed.

Phase 1 will begin on May 11th. It involves the opening of small enterprises in compliance with strict security measures. At this stage, the opening of hotels and tourist apartments, with the exception of common areas. Cafes and restaurants will also be able to open their summer areas, but entry will be prohibited. Travel within the same province will also be allowed. At this stage, the opening of religious institutions is also envisaged. Schools will not be fully open until September, but Sanchez explained that the government guarantees that children under six years old can attend classes if their parents must go to work and students with applications for admission or exams.

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Phase 2 suggests the possibility of holding cultural events with less than 50 people indoors and less than 400 people outdoors. Cinemas and theaters will also open as part of stage 2, with a third of their capacity.

Phase 3 will begin as soon as the necessary markers are reached. Institutions will allow service at 50% capacity, restrictions on movement will be relaxed even more.

Moreover, each phase will last at least two weeks, said Sanchez, which is the incubation period of the coronavirus, and at best, the entire quarantine exit process will last eight weeks throughout Spain.

“Until the end of June, as a country, we will be in new normality if the evolution of the epidemic is controlled in all territories,” the Spanish prime minister summed up.

Recall that earlier in Spain announced 100 thousand recovered from COVID-19. Since the beginning of the epidemic, nearly 210 thousand people have become ill in the country, of which 100 thousand have already recovered.

At the same time, the daily number of deaths in Spain is declining day by day. On the eve of the coronavirus in Spain, 30 people died less than the day before, according to the local Ministry of Health.

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