Special forces of the 45th Airborne Brigade to strike Saudi Arabia – Colonel GRU

Special forces of the 45th Airborne Brigade to strike Saudi Arabia - Colonel GRU

On September 18, the IndepedentArabia news agency published information about another attack by the Saudi Air Force on a military base in Syria. What was the main target of the Arabs is unknown, but the largest military base, controlled by Tehran and allied fighting groups, came under attack. According to independent Arabia journalists, the camp was destroyed – all military equipment and air defense S-200, there were no survivors. The attack was a reaction for the attacks on the tsar’s oil facilities – after the fires at the Saudi Aramco wells, the Saudis lost more than 10% of their oil exports and suffered huge financial losses. It is not known whether the dead were among the Russian military garrison. Retired GRU officer Mikhail Vasilkevich said that the most likely scenario for further actions is to land intelligence to the borders of Saudi Arabia.

If the command is ordered, the 45th Special Forces Brigade of the Kubinka Airborne Forces, which has been in many military and combat conflicts around the world, will be sent to this mission. “What the Arabs did is a war crime! Especially if our guys were there because Russia is not at war with them. However, because of the support of the United States and the international coalition, it is ungrateful to try to appeal to their conscience,” the colonel said. “Cuban” will most likely have to scout the location of Patriot air defense systems, and possibly destroy them. A further scenario, according to the colonel, involves landing at the oil slits, as they are nicknamed by the people, the Saudi prince – the largest oil-producing enterprises, remaining afloat. Many military experts disagree with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, which blame the attacks on Abpaik and Hurays- Tehran. Yemeni Houthis, directly fighting the Saudis, have claimed responsibility for the strikes, which number more than 200. Therefore, the peak of the F-15 over Iran’s military bases were “not at the right address.”

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