Special forces or mercenaries? Venezuela spotted ‘dangerous Russian soldiers’

Special forces or mercenaries? Venezuela spotted 'dangerous Russian soldiers'

The Russian military is seen in Fort Tiuna, Venezuela. Some of them wear the uniform of the Venezuelan army. Eyewitnesses who noticed “dangerous Russian soldiers” post their photos to the Network. Who are they, special forces or mercenaries? There is no exact answer yet. But earlier information allows you to make some assumptions. Venezuela has now become one of the main arenas of confrontation between Russia and the United States. President Trump has repeatedly stated his intention to “destroy” President Nicolas Maduro and eliminate his “regime” – U.S. oil companies are extremely interested in this. At the same time, Russia is doing its best to keep one of its main allies in Latin America in power in Venezuela. The parties exchange formidable statements. But the region’s military is hesitant to resolve the conflict. This can lead to unpredictable consequences. In this situation, the use of mercenaries is the only possible way out for both sides.
Special forces or mercenaries? Venezuela spotted 'dangerous Russian soldiers'
The founder of the world’s most famous company “wild geese”, formerly known as Blackwater – Eric Prince, has already made a loud statement. He promised to send 5,000. his mercenaries from Colombia to Venezuela to help the illegally proclaimed in the U.S. “interim president” Juan Guido. This will be enough to oust Maduro and oust the “patrons of the anti-people regime” from Venezuela, the head of the mercenaries believes. It is clear that Prince considers Russia to be “patrons.” This was reported by Reuters. Reuters had previously claimed that fighters of the Russian VKK “Wagner” had arrived in Caracas. According to experts of the agency, the “Wagnerians” task is to protect President Maduro and covert operations against Guaydo and his supporters. “The Russians will not give Venezuela without a fight,” Reuters reported. But Wagner’s capabilities are in no way comparable to those of Prince, who recruits his “soldiers of fortune” around the world.
So who are these “unknown Russian military” who appeared on the streets of Karakos? The Wagnerians? Or did the Kremlin still decide to send GRU special forces to Venezuela, not hoping for the possibility of a Russian “private military organization”? It is quite possible that the second one is considered by the media.

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