SSJ-100 plane crash in the Russian Federation: the pilot named his version

SSJ-100 plane crash in the Russian Federation: the pilot named his version

The manufacturer had not modified the aircraft that was the cause of its failure after a lightning strike.
The pilot of the aircraft SSJ-100, which a year ago made a hard landing at Sheremetyevo airport, which killed 41 people, called their version of the causes of the disaster. According to him, the aircraft did not meet the standards of airworthiness. He said this on Tuesday, May 5, in an interview with

“Do not meet the norms of airworthiness. If the manufacturer of on-time modified aircraft, aviation incidents of this nature would not occur, and therefore the safety would be at an acceptable level, the risks would be reduced to a minimum,” said pilot Denis Yevdokimov, accused in the death of passengers.

He said that after a lightning strike stopped the working control system of the aircraft, so he had to control the ship manually. He said that after the lightning strike to continue the flight manually was impossible in Direct mode to fly only at low altitudes, leading to increased fuel consumption. According to the pilot, during landing, the aircraft did not respond to his actions appropriately.

“When the stick control, the aircraft had not raised the nose and lowered it, and Vice versa,” he said.

According to him, the go-around was not possible due to the back-reaction of the aircraft to the control action. “The increase in operating mode before take-off gives a very strong increment in pitching moment that the reverse reaction on control action would lead to burying the nose in the runway or drop to the tail. In both cases, I’m sure all would have died,” – said Evdokimov.

He drew attention to the fact that in a criminal case is missing”, at least some decoding of the parameters of the flight, not to mention a detailed analysis of the actions and reactions of the aircraft to the control of exposure”.

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Evdokimov also said that “in accordance with chassis design to airworthiness regulations they were safe potamitissa the first exceeding of the load, while the second branch would not have happened”. “The test flights with landing at a weight exceeding maximum landing, was not, although the manufacturer wrote about the possibility of landing mass to maximum takeoff,” said he.

The pilot expressed his deepest condolences to the bereaved families and those injured in the crash.

The attorney General’s office approved the indictment on criminal case about the plane crash of Aeroflot at Sheremetyevo international airport on May 5, 2019. Pilot Denis Evdokimov was charged with violating the safety rules and operating air transport, which, through negligence, caused serious harm to human health, the death of two or more people, as well as major damage.

The investigation believes that “the cause of the disaster was the failure of the crew commander Denis Evdokimov to operate the aircraft during landing, which led to the repeated separation of the aircraft from the runway, which led to prohibitive overload, destruction of the aircraft and its systems, fire, and death.”

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Recall, on May 5, 2019, the Superjet-100 that was traveling from Moscow to Murmansk made an emergency landing and caught fire. The victims of the accident were 41 people.