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Cost stars and scandalous sex stories that "surfaced" years later. Many actors accused of harassment have already lost prestigious jobs

Stars whose careers were ruined by high-profile scandals

It is no secret that even the most successful career of a star of any caliber can be ruined in an instant by a careless word, a scandalous incident, or an addiction.

Cost stars and scandalous sex stories that “surfaced” years later. Many actors accused of harassment have already lost prestigious jobs, advertising contracts, family, old friends. The reputations and careers of another dozen global stars now hang by a thread because of accusations of harassment and rape they allegedly committed more than half a century ago.

The ax of public anger is ruthless: star “criminals”, despite all their achievements in the cinema, are immediately dismissed from high-profile television projects, scenes with them are cut from the films already ready for distribution. And then the actors, who have become social outcasts, listed in the “blacklist” of Hollywood. Very few can get out of it.

Today remembered seven incredibly popular actors in their time, whose successful career was ruined (in whole or in part) by scandals.

Shia LaBeouf

Stars whose careers were ruined by high-profile scandals

Shia LaBeouf

“Transformation” of a blockbuster star into persona non grata completed a drunken brawl at a Broadway musical.

Many movie fans are wondering: where in recent years disappeared their favorite Shia Labaf, who played the “star” role in the first three parts of the cult “Transformers” and became a partner of the legendary Harrison Ford in the fourth part of the adventures of Indiana Jones?

After all, in fact, the last significant role in Hollywood projects at the bright artist was in 2014, when he starred alongside Brad Pitt in the war film “Fury”. And then the actor played only in low-budget films, trashed by critics and failed at the box office.

The thing is that LaBeouf several years ago was put in an unofficial “blacklist” of Hollywood. And the reason for this – the actor’s regular scandalous antics and drunken debauches. Problems with the law began with him after the resounding success of “Transformers”, released in 2007. Incredible fame, exorbitant fees, and permissiveness turned a talented guy’s head.

In early 2008, the star was detained for a fight in a pharmacy. Soon after Labouf, while intoxicated, became the perpetrator of a major car accident. Then the problems began to grow like a snowball, and the actor’s name began to appear more often in the criminal chronicle.

Despite the scandalous reputation, having a wild character Labeouf was in demand and loved by audiences, and movies with his participation collected full cinemas. The actor, who was pampered by Steven Spielberg, was even forgiven for his conflict with Brad Pitt in 2013 on the set of Fury. However, in 2014, the patience of Hollywood bosses still burst.

The cross on the participation of Labaf in big-budget Hollywood projects put a drunken brawl, he made at the show of the Broadway musical “Cabaret”. First, Shia went backstage, where he grabbed the performers by the heel and flipped them obscene compliments. And in the hall, the “Transformers” star smoked, made noise, shouted, threw abusive remarks, and even fought with one of the audience. He even threatened the security guard with physical violence.

The only way to calm the raging “savior of humanity” was for the “cops” to arrive, handcuff the threatening and insulting artist, and take him to the police station. Shaya was taken into custody and then summoned to court and charged with hooliganism. The court ordered him to undergo three months of treatment for alcoholism.

Soon, Shia Labaf publicly apologized to the police for the insults and swore that this would not happen again. But he didn’t keep his word. In 2017 alone, the actor was arrested twice: for public drunkenness, defiant behavior, and insulting law enforcement officers. From the former popularity of the actor, who is now starring in another low-budget film, there is no trace left.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

An insult to Jews turned an action hero into a “downed pilot” in an instant.

Actor and director Mel Gibson set a peculiar record: from a Hollywood superstar he turned into a “downed pilot” in just… one day. The reason for this was his love for booze, and the culmination – a careless phrase, insulting Jews. By the way, in contrast to the rapid transformation into an “outcast”, the “preparation” for the “fall” lasted several years for the artist.

The star of the cult action movie “Mad Max” had serious problems with alcohol in the early 2000s. From an idol of millions and model of a family man, Gibson gradually began to turn into the main scandal of Hollywood. The actor has repeatedly caught drunk driving and wrote him a hefty fine. However, it did not work for him, and the legendary actor’s career has been steadily flying downhill…

In 2004, Mel directed the acclaimed “The Passion of the Christ,” acting as both director, producer, and screenwriter. “The Divine Enterprise,” or “Gibson’s Gospel,” as the media called the project, caused a religious scandal already at the filming stage. By the way, the career of the performer of the role of Jesus Christ – then promising actor James Caviezel – after this work went dramatically downhill, and roles in big-budget Hollywood projects offered him no more.

A year later, Gibson “got into” a religious scandal, which cost him his career. In one of the now-familiar arrests, drunken Mel resisted the “cop” and, without holding back, called him a “damn Jew. And then added, unforgivable by Hollywood standards, “Jews are the cause of all the wars in history.

“They didn’t put the father of many children in jail, but they didn’t forgive Mel for insulting Jews, despite his public apology. The careless phrase cost the action hero a lot: for more than 10 years, the anti-Semitic actor was a real pariah in Hollywood. It seems that now the scandalous actor is still forgiven, and he is trying by all means to regain his former popularity and multi-million dollar royalties in the early 2000s.

In 2016, after a ten-year break, Mel returned as a director to “big Hollywood cinema”: he directed the successful war drama “For Reasons of Conscience” with Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington. Also, since “Beaver” (2010) and “Fun Vacation” (2011), the actor again began to play major roles – in the action film “Blood Father” (2016) and the New Year’s Eve comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2” (2017), which also stars Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Sami Naceri
Sami Naceri

The star of iconic action films admitted that he ruined his career himself.

The popularity of French actor Samy Naceri after his role as a young cab driver from Marseille in the mind-blowing and mega-successful comedy action film “Taxi” by Luc Besson and its four sequels was literally off the scale. But, at the height of fame, the actor could not resist the “star disease” that killed thousands of people just like him, who suddenly woke up as superstars.

Since the early 2000′s the actor, like his screen hero, more and more often have problems with the law. Sami was under investigation, then awaiting conviction, then behind bars. In 2003, the most famous “cab driver” of the world was arrested for brutally beating the driver of the car with whom Nacery did not share the road. “Road Warrior” was sentenced to eight months in jail conditionally, a fine of 6000 euros, and deprivation of the driver’s license for three years. But that didn’t do much to cool his violent temper.

It should only end probation, as the aggressive actor jumped on the annoying stylist and his beating “got” for two months in a prison cell. The media savored the scandalous antics of Sami, each incident involving the star of cult films became known in detail. Have not forgiven him and alcoholism, which the actor suffered in earnest.

Many times increased the number of “drives” to the police, became increasingly serious. From the “fistfights” with motorists and stylists, Naceri changed to a tough skirmish with drug dealers, where the course went bats and knives. This was added to hand-to-hand violence: by inviting his girlfriends home, the actor allowed himself to beat them. The star also harmed random passers-by, whom he stabbed and mutilated. By the mid-2000s, Sami had become a true repeat offender and a “regular customer” of places of detention.

In 2011, Naceri was arrested and sent to prison for the first time – for 16 months. There, according to rumors, the actor attempted suicide: he tried to cut his throat. The guards “twisted” him in time and sent him to the psychiatric ward. However, the prison authorities denied this information.

A few years ago, the actor, who became an outcast, regretfully admitted that he himself had ruined his successful film career and life. “I had long ago laid down their arms. I made a firm decision: no more stories, tragedies, prisons. Life is so short, we must have time to live their happiness. It’s a pity that when you realize that, there’s so little faith in you,” said Nacéry.

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Now Samy Nacery is trying to restore his reputation in every way. The actor has given up bad habits, regularly appearing in less popular French films, playing in theatrical productions, and implementing a joint film project with his brother, Bibi Naceri.

The action star is also actively involved in charity – he visits institutions where young criminals are held (including Russia) in order to convince them to get off the dangerous path – to do what he once failed to do. And the traditional question: “Will there be a sequel to the movie” Taxi “, the actor answers this:” Taxi “- the past. There will be new film projects … ”

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

The performer of the role of the “savior of mankind” became a victim of over-the-top popularity.

Edward Furlong did not pass the test of popularity either, who at the age of 14 became world-famous for his role as John Connor in the cult action film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day. James Cameron’s film about cyborg assassins from the likely future became a hit, and the young artist received widespread fame, huge royalties and immediately felt like a “master of life”.

“Star disease” deprived the talented guy the ability to soberly assess their actions. Already soon after the premiere of the second “Terminator” Furlong was taken to the police station for a fight with a passerby who asked him for an autograph. Soon to the aggressive behavior added petty theft, clashes with classmates, drinking, and smoking in public places, he was constantly full of scandals.
Stars whose careers were ruined by high-profile scandals
A few years later, the idol of millions of teenagers became a regular fixture at police stations, where he talked sense to experts on juvenile delinquents. But these conversations did not give the result – and the actor’s career slowly but surely faded. By the early 2000′s, once-promising actor turned into a party animal-alcoholic, not crawling out of nightclubs. So the bosses of Hollywood did not take him into the cast of “Terminator 3”, entrusting the role of Connor another artist.
Over the following years, Furlong’s “criminal record” was supplemented by domestic violence and publicly beating his girlfriend, drunk driving, regular traffic violations, and even two prison sentences – for violating a court order forbidding him to approach his battered lady of the heart and for drug possession.

Gradually worthy offers from directors dried up, and today Edward, who has stopped watching himself and until recently weighed about a centner, occasionally plays occasional roles.

However, last year it was reported that James Cameron, who created the first two parts of the “Terminator”, which became the most beloved among fans, plans to “roll back” the plot of the franchise to the events of the end of the second film. That is, ignore the events of the three unsuccessful sequels.

In addition, the cult director regained the rights to the characters and wants to involve in the film “Terminator-6”, which will be released in 2019, the entire “golden cast” of the main characters: 70-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger, 61-year-old Linda Hamilton, and … 40-year-old Edward Furlong provided that “he will stay away from problems with the law.”

According to media reports, the actors have already started to get in shape for filming, which starts in March 2018. However, as the source points out, this is still only one possible future – “one possible future.”

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

The successful career of the “golden boy of Hollywood” ruined by bad habits and scandalous behavior.

Charlie Sheen is widely known for his scandalous antics. For many years the name of the actor, who was considered one of the most famous in Hollywood playboys, “adorned” the headlines scandalous tabloid pages. Charlie was constantly fighting with the paparazzi, public drinking, “twisting” tumultuous affair, not hiding adultery with his wife to porn stars, divorced and married.

However, until the time it did not affect his career: the public adored the scandalous artist, who once boasted that in his life has managed to seduce about five thousand women.

A taste of permissiveness and impunity “golden boy of Hollywood” – the younger son of the cult actor, star of the movie “Apocalypse Now” Martin Sheen – felt since childhood. The boy made his film debut at the age of nine, and he was introduced to drugs at eleven. Popularity came to the actor in 1986 – after the release of Oliver Stone’s film “Platoon,” where he played one of the main roles.

Like most “starry offspring,” the actor struck “star disease. Vigorous Hollywood parties ended in orgies, and the end of the shooting days was marked with liters of booze. However, unlimited amounts of money, alcohol, drugs, permissiveness played a cruel joke with Charlie: addictions and scandalous behavior ruined his career.

In 2011, studio bosses Warner Brothers first suspended Charlie from filming the sitcom “Two and a half men” for abuse of drugs, alcohol, and illegal drugs, and then replaced by Ashton Kutcher. And evil tongues said that in fact Sheen was fired because of a conflict with the producer, to whom the highest-paid television actor in the world at the time because of the disagreement threatened to “beat up”.

But this successful and beloved by viewers project supported the popularity and financial state of Sheen since 2003. After his dismissal from the show, the artist went on a rampage, and “earned” another disease – a fatal one.

In 2015, Charlie Sheen admitted to being infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and he was diagnosed about four years ago. Most likely, the actor picked up the deadly virus from one of the porn stars who “registered” in his bed after being fired from the show. After all, the lack of girlfriends, he never had.

By the way, enough of them at the scandalous actor and now. To everyone’s surprise, even despite the diagnosis, Charlie continues to change the “fearless” girls like gloves. Just last year he had a stormy affair with a model and star of British reality TV shows Jess Impiazzi, and then Sheen was caught with a new paramour – a pretty girl, whom visitors heard him call Jules. The actor also returned to the movies: in 2017, two films with his participation were released at once.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

After the revelation, Hollywood’s most influential producer lost practically everything.

Perhaps the harshest fate befell the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who since October 2017 has been accused of sexual harassment by more than 50 famous women from around the world – from Hollywood megastars Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek to the head of Roskino, Ekaterina Mtsituridze.

Today, literally everyone already knows about the fate of the creator of one of the largest film production companies in America – The Weinstein Company, which in a moment turned from an influential Hollywood producer into all despised outcast, abandoned by his wife, friends, and even his own brother.

Because of the loudest sex scandal in Hollywood history, Weinstein’s career was destroyed, he lost everything. First, Harvey was fired from the company he created, then deprived of life of membership in the film academies: production, directing, television, film arts and sciences, the British Film Institute, and others.

And although they were unable to “lock-up” the film producer (none of the victims could provide proof), the numerous accusations were enough to send the “sex monster” to a course of forced treatment for sexual addiction.

The final nail in the coffin of Weinstein’s career was the deprivation of honorary titles and awards in his homeland. After the revelation, the film producer had his honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters revoked, Harvey was stripped of all humanitarian awards and had his name removed from all sources associated with these awards.

According to media reports, they are now trying to deprive the disgraced American film producer of honorary foreign awards as well: the Order of the British Empire (degree of Honorary Commander), which he received in 2004, and the Legion of Honor (degree of Chevalier), awarded to him by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012.

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