Step into the Future. Musk launches astronauts on the ISS

By | May 27, 2020
Step into the Future. Musk launches astronauts on the ISS

Private company SpaceX will make the first manned space flight, the Falcon 9 rocket has put into orbit a manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon.

On Wednesday, at approximately 23:30 Moscow time from the launch pad in Florida will rise into the sky the Falcon 9 rocket and it will be a historic event – the first spacecraft of the company Ilona Mask will lead to the orbit of people.

On-Board of manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon will be two American astronauts 49-year-old Robert Behnken and 53-year-old Douglas Hurley.

Before that, the last manned U.S. spacecraft was launched to the ISS on 8 July 2011. And now for the first time astronauts on the ISS will be delivered by a private company.

The victory over Boeing

In 2010, the United States decided to begin a program to establish commercial manned spacecraft. In 2014 it was announced the two winners with which we have concluded contracts to build transport systems (rockets, manned spacecraft and infrastructure) for the delivery of astronauts to the ISS. SpaceX has received from NASA $ 2.6 billion, and Boeing — $ 4.2 billion.

In March of 2019 the first flight of the Crew Dragon to ISS (SpaceX test mission Demo-1). The ship delivered supplies to the station and brought the desired cargo to the Ground. Instead of the astronauts on Board was a mannequin Ellen Ripley in a spacesuit, named in honor of the heroine of sci-Fi Ridley Scott’s Alien (who celebrated the year of the 40th anniversary of the release).

January 19, 2020, SpaceX conducted a test of the emergency rescue crew Crew Dragon with a flying missile, and on may 1, successfully tested a system of parachutes. Thus, all formal requirements for the execution of the last certification test flight to the ISS with the astronauts-test — have been met.
May 13, astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken sent on a two-week pre-flight quarantine. As a precaution, they tested for the virus SARS-CoV-2 — NASA fear, as if not to bring it to the International space station. May 27 from the quarantine zone in the Space center of the name of John Kennedy they will be delivered to the launch pad white Tesla Model X – another company Ilona Mask, which depicts the emblem of NASA.
Hurley will be responsible for the phase of Autonomous flight Crew Dragon, and the Behnken — control of automatic docking and undocking from the ISS. Together they should assess the readiness of the ship to deliver humans to orbit. In addition, they will test in real conditions the convenience and functionality of new rescue spacesuits developed by SpaceX.

The problem for Russia

In 2011, while the US did not have its own manned spacecraft, the Americans used the services of the Russian Soyuz ships. It cost a lot of money – the last flight of 90 million dollars. This allowed the Russian space Agency to earn good money on contracts with NASA is an American Agency paid for the flights of its astronauts and the astronauts from Canada, Europe, and Japan, places that were allocated under the quota depending on the contribution to the ISS program.

But using SpaceX ships, according to experts, will cost Americans just $ 55 million dollars per flight. The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin has accused NASA and SpaceX in the dumping and in response announced a reduction in the cost of Russian launches by 30%.

Plans Mask

Future plans of Space X even bigger in the coming years the company plans to send into orbit tourists in the future to transport people and cargo to Mars.

18 years ago, founding SpaceX, it is the colonization of Mars Musk called the main goal of the new company.

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