Stripper fell from six-meter pole

The broke down during the performance and landed her face on the floor, but continued the performance.
In the U.S., the video captured the moment a naked dancer fell from a six-meter pole. The incident is reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident was caught on camera in the American city of Dallas. The footage shows stripper Jenea Skye breaking off the pole six meters high and falling down. The girl landed her face on the dance floor but continued the performance.

Shocked guests of the institution and users of the network began to ask how the girl feels. It turned out that Skye broke her jaw and a few teeth. The dancer had to undergo surgery and will not be able to perform for a while
The girlfriend of stripper Ayan Knowles first raised funds on a crowdfunding platform to cover medical expenses.

Earlier it was reported that the man saved the tourist a second before his death. The Correspondent also wrote that the old lady invited a stripper to a nursing home.

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