Su-25SM3 gathered to provide artificial intelligence

Complex targeting and aiming to attack su-25SM3 will receive elements of artificial intelligence, said a source in the defense industry.
As part of the modernization of the su-25SM3 will receive a new sighting complex, which will be “fully automated”, said the source of TASS.
According to him, the pilot will have to “only choose a target on the screen”, and “all the rest will be done by artificial intelligence”.
The system will be able to recognize and hold targets in sight, to direct guided missiles.

The complex is integrated into a single command and control system. This will allow you to choose the best route to the target and the trajectory of the shot. Su-25SM3 will receive information about the goals and from external sources.
In February, it was reported that the Russian attack helicopters Mi-28N “Night Hunter” tested onboard complex with artificial intelligence.

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