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Subcutaneous implant can quickly detect coronavirus and other diseases

Subcutaneous implant can quickly detect coronavirus and other diseases

Dozens of new vaccines and drugs are currently being developed around the world to counteract SARS-CoV-2. But in the near future, they will be replaced by a medical implant that will be implanted in the arm.

No, this is not a scenario for another sci-fi movie. The medical company Hemp & Health has formed a partnership with the biotech company Alivecel. Together they intend to present to the world a special implant, which will help monitor the health of patients. From the information published by them, it became known that the device will be implanted subcutaneously in the hand, namely between the thumb and forefinger.

The implant is an electronic device that contains whole colonies of nano cells. They will measure and detect proteins produced by CoVID/SARS/MERS as well as markers of glucose, insulin, cancer, and more. Monitoring will occur in real-time.

The implants will be able to perform RNA and DNA tests to detect CoVID-19 and other dangerous viruses almost instantaneously and become an effective warning system of possible infection. Both companies have ambitious plans to quickly introduce their implant into mass use worldwide.

Representatives of the new development argue that the pandemic is still in full swing, and the worst is yet to come. Many countries around the world will be forced to separate people into groups:

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have already been infected;
now sick;
not sick.
In fact, this is already beginning to happen.

The implant, according to these companies, was designed to allow society to function normally. It will be used to monitor the health of the population online, and when a newly infected person is found, to isolate him quickly and effectively so that he does not have time to infect other people. With such an implant its users will be able to travel freely around the world, shop in shopping malls, use public transportation, and be sure that they do not pose a threat to others.

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