Suez Canal Authority Says It May Confiscate Ever Given

Suez Canal Authority Says It May Confiscate Ever Given

The container ship Ever Given will not be able to leave the Suez Canal while the investigation of the incident with its blocking is underway, the head of the administration of the channel, Osama Rabia, said on the night of April 1.

“The vessel remains in the Big Bitter Lake until the investigation is completed, it is detained there,” Rabia said in an interview with al-Hayah TV channel.
The lake is the widest point of the channel and is located to the north of the place of emergency. Earlier it was reported that a thorough check of the technical condition of the vessel is to be carried out on the lake. At the same time, the Taiwanese management company Evergreen will determine what to do with the cargo on board.

At the same time, in an interview with the DMC channel, Rabia clarified that the cargo will remain on the ship, and if the shipowners refuse to pay compensation, the ship will be confiscated.

An investigation into the incident began on 31 March. The Commission of Inquiry included a maritime lawyer, canal administration member, engineer, and compensation specialist, Rabia said.

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The 400-meter container ship Ever Given was on its way from China to Rotterdam last week and ran aground on the 151st kilometer of the canal, blocking it for six days and blocking traffic on it. On Monday, the vessel was refloated after several attempts, with more than 15 tugs participating in the operation. From Monday 18.00 (19.00 Moscow time) navigation on the channel resumed