Supreme Court End Litigation Over Trump Critics’ Twitter Blocking Litigation

Supreme Court End Litigation Over Trump Critics' Twitter Blocking Litigation

The judges overturned the decision of the lower court, which saw in the actions of the ex-president a violation of the right to freedom of speech

The US Supreme Court on Monday ended a legal battle over the blocking of critics of former President Donald Trump on his Twitter account, overturning a lower court ruling that saw Trump’s actions in violation of the constitutional right to free speech.

Trump has appealed the decision of the New York Court of Appeals, which concluded that he violated the First Amendment to the Constitution by blocking his critics on the social network. Republican Trump stepped down in January after losing the election to Democrat Joe Biden.

Since Trump is no longer president, the Supreme Court declined to hear arguments and rule on the merits, overturning the appellate ruling.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has actively used Twitter to promote his agenda and criticize ill-wishers. Social media blocked Trump after a crowd of supporters invaded the Capitol during the January 6 riots.

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