Syria airstrikes: 20 dead

Human rights activists counted the number of civilians killed by Russian airstrikes.
At least 20 civilians were killed in Syria in Russian airstrikes on Sunday. This was reported by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) on Monday, February 10.

“The attack on the village of Kafr Noran in western Aleppo killed 9 civilians, one of them a woman … Four civilians, including a child, were killed in the bombing of the town of Al-Atareb in the Aleppo area, while two civilians were killed in the village of Sheikh Ali in the Aleppo area after the bombing of Russian warplanes,” human rights activists inform, citing their own and other sources.

In total, on the basis of reports received during February 9, it was found that the number of victims as a result of Russian airstrikes is at least 20.

Recall that Turkey is moving military equipment to Idlib. At least 430 units of Turkish military equipment have been redeployed to Idlib province, where the Syrian army is advancing on the rebels.

The media also reported that the U.S. is building new military facilities in Syria. In less than a month, the Americans blocked the way of the Russian military on its way to the oil fields five times, sources say

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