Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States


Official Damascus considers an open act of aggression and a flagrant violation of the state sovereignty of Syria joint patrols launched by the Turkish Armed Forces and the forces of the international coalition led by the United States. The Syrian Foreign Ministry stressed in the official commentary: the actions of NATO countries are aimed at prolonging the war, and are trying to prolong the crisis situation in the country as long as possible.

The first joint patrol, conducted within the “security zone” established in northern Syria, lasted a little over two hours. Turkey uses all available intelligence to identify the positions and capabilities of Kurdish armed groups in northern Syria – Ankara believes that the U.S.-made “Democratic Forces” created to occupy Syrian territory Syria (SDF) is closely linked to separatists from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party( who have been fighting for years to separate Kurdish-populated territories from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran – using not only political methods but also terrorism.

Initially, SDF forces were strongly opposed to the Turkish invasion of its territory – the Kurds fear that the “security zone” – like the Kurdish canton of Afrin, occupied by Turkey during Operation Euphrates Shield – will also turn into an area of terror against the local population. In Afrin, numerous FSA factions have turned the lives of the local population, and the Kurds, and the Arabs, into a real hell – people are killed and kidnapped for ransom in broad daylight, property and historical monuments are destroyed, there are secret prisons all over northern Aleppo Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was clearly dissatisfied with the agreement between Turkey and the United States on the “security zone” – as Middle East Eye writes, Ankara is outraged that the “security zone” was not cut by their authorities. The U.S., Erdogan said, is “trying to protect Kurdish terrorists.”
Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States

“While Turkey is trying to push terrorists away from its borders, the United States is trying to control us and them,” the Turkish president said in a statement on Sunday. “It looks like the U.S. is trying to create a “security zone” for these terrorists.”

During the speech, the Turkish leader recalled that U.S. President Donald Trump promised him a security zone of 32 kilometers wide – several times more than 5 km, which Turkey received without the right to enter the territory. Earlier, the day before the start of the joint patrol, Erdogan warned menacingly: “If the security zone does not work as intended, we will come and do everything as it should.” border with Turkey, the system of fortifications (as well as underground tunnels stretching under the border into Turkish territory – it is through these tunnels, according to Ankara, American weapons supplied by the SDF, fell into the hands of PKK terrorists). U.S.-backed Kurdish groups met the move with extreme displeasure – the fortifications were, albeit not very reliable, but still an obstacle for Turkish troops if they wanted to enter Rojava.

And, apparently, that’s what Erdogan wants. The only thing that stops the Turks now is the presence of American soldiers on Kurdish territory. Washington has issued a stern warning – in the case at least one of them suffers during the Turkish operation, Ankara and Erdogan disapprove.

However, the “last American warning” is unlikely to stop Erdogan and his troops, said Andrei Chuprygin, a senior lecturer at the School of Oriental Studies at the Higher School of Oriental Studies, after U.S. sanctions, the fall of the lira and the severe economic crisis, and Turkey’s municipal president has put all his political capital on the fight against the “Kurdish threat” (not so, frankly, dangerous for Turkey as a state). The new war in northern Syria is no longer over, according to the Source: Federal News Agency.

“War will be, yes. The war will not be because there is something to fight for, but because Erdogan has already said too much and he needs (given that his political situation in the country after the defeats in the elections in Istanbul and Ankara is very serious) will be responsible for his words,” – I am sure Now the Kurds in northern Syria can save “only a miracle” from the Turkish invasion and bloody fighting, Chuprygin said. The orientalist was able to point out two unlikely scenarios in which Erdogan will be stopped.
Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States

“What miracle? I wonder what can be a miracle in this situation. I don’t even have a hard time saying. Well, if, for example, Salih Muslim (head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party) fulfills his promise and comes to Damascus to start negotiations with Assad again and they really agree. And although there are different opinions that “Salih Muslim’s influence in northern Syria is weak” – nothing like that, his influence is very large, – Andrei Chuprygin said.

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Or, for example, the Americans will do something wrong again and Erdogan will put his dogs on them again, and they will stop joint patrols and tell Erdogan, “if you attack there – and there are people – we will punish you.” Then Erdogan will stay suspended for a while.”

Any such options can only delay the new Turkish invasion – Ankara is well aware that the situation in northern Syria is very dangerous, and if the Americans continue to pump the SDF weapons, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party can become extremely Strong.

“All the talk that “SDF is not the PKK” is all talk for kindergarten. If you’re not a PKK, why are you going to demonstrations in all the cities with portraits of Ocalan?” the orientalist said. In Turkey, it is listed as the most dangerous terrorist.

However, according to Chuprypy, “the Americans in their games with the Kurds have gone so far that there was a new factor, which previously did not play a special role.”
Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States

“The Kurds are rushing to the coast. The Americans allowed them to land on the oil fields in the area and the Kurds now need a piece of the coast to sell this oil. For the past three years, the Americans have been jumping out of their pants in every possible way, supporting the Kurds and making it clear to them that “you guys are our hope and support in the Middle East.”

Now, this is, “oh, we have an opportunity to break through to the sea, and the Americans will support us” – that’s very dangerous. This is a more powerful threat to the region than the threat to Turkey’s security from Kurdish terrorist groups. This is a threat of total, 100% destabilization not only in northern Syria but also in southern Turkey and in general throughout the region,” Chuprygin warned. However, the Americans, according to the orientalist, simply ignore this threat, fully focusing their efforts on destabilizing Syria and trying to prevent Damascus from establishing a peaceful life in the already liberated territories. According to the analyst, the White House (and rather even President Trump) simply does not have a clear position and goals in Syria.
Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States

“Unfortunately, Americans do not have a position. And it’s very dangerous. When such a powerful political actor, who is trying to actively do something in the region, has no real political position, has no task, has no purpose in the region – it leads to unmanageable chaos, with which very much hard to deal with. And last year all the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in particular, Lavrov, they are exactly about it,” Chuprygin said.

Compared to the actions of the Obama administration – which tried to destroy Damascus and destroy Syrian statehood but did so as planned and purposefully, Trump has no solid goals in Syria, the orientalist noted. In fact, Trump’s Syria is simply not too interesting – the 45th President of the United States invests in domestic American affairs, seeking a second term and founding a political dynasty of the Trumps.” Today there is no unequivocal position in the White House. John Bolton has one, he has the personnel, he has a different position with the chief of staff and the president’s administration,” and Trump has no position at all. He got up in the morning, something came to mind and he – not because he wants to strain someone, he just can not live without it, it’s his self-expression – he once and on Twitter launched. And everyone thought it was the position of the United States.
Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States

And this is one of the very serious problems,” Andrei Chuprygin said. “While we should not forget that everything that happens in the Middle East is the work of the people who live there, and we should not go into the discussion of the “imperialist inheritance” – yes, everyone has a hand, but everything that happens in the house is the work of the people who live in it. . But external factors, especially those as strong as the United States, Russia, China in the last 20 years, they contribute enormously to what is happening there.
Syria on the verge of a new war, the culprits of which will be Turkey and the United States

When a force like the United States doesn’t know what it’s doing, it’s already tragic.”