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In Britain, the second wave of coronavirus began

Despite the increase in the incidence of severe quarantine will not be introduced yet, the authorities “keep the situation under control,” assured the prime minister. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the beginning of the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic in the country, The Independent reports… I am afraid that this is absolutely inevitable – we will… Read More »

Hungary’s new coronavirus record

The country has a record number of new COVID-19 cases, but educational institutions have decided not to quarantine. In Hungary, 718 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in a day, which is a record number. It was reported by 444.hu on Friday, September 11. The number of active cases today is 6264, 43% of which were recorded in… Read More »

WHO does not consider it necessary to have a strict quarantine for Europe

The organization is confident that it is possible to manage the situation with the virus and maintain the economy in action. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that Europe can withstand the coronavirus pandemic without resorting to a complete shutdown of the economy. This was announced by the head of the WHO’s European department Hans Kluge According to… Read More »

Russia is spreading lies about the coronavirus. But it was manufactured in America

Although Russian and Chinese disinformation does exist, their trolls often just pick up what we, the Americans, “created” themselves, writes the author of the American publication. For example, persistent rumors that the coronavirus was created by scientists and spread by “escaping” from a laboratory in China, began with a tweet from an American woman. Studying disinformation is a… Read More »

Boris Johnson, who was infected with the coronavirus, was hospitalized

The British Prime Minister was hospitalized on Sunday, April 5, for repeated testing for a coronavirus infection, reports BNO News. An Agency source from Downing street confirmed the information about the hospitalization, stressing that this measure is due to the fact that the Prime Minister still has symptoms of the disease 10 days after confirmation of infection. Johnson… Read More »