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Macron urged the parties to the conflict in Karabakh to follow Putin’s proposal

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and French President Emmanuelle Macron held telephone talks about the situation in Karabakh, Earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to the parties to the conflict to stop fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone on humanitarian grounds in order to exchange the bodies of the dead and prisoners. He also called for a meeting… Read More »

Because of COVID, Karabakh and Trump: dollar predicted sharp growth

Chief analyst of “TeleTrade” Mark Goichman believes that the strengthening of the Russian currency should not be expected in the near future, he told about it in an interview with TOP NEWS. “The ruble depends largely on the current sentiment of “flight from risks” of financial markets, which is now associated with the development of the second wave… Read More »

The Trump was caught in the advertising of the Russian Air Force.

The image in the advertisement turned out to be a stock photo, available on the Internet with the title “silhouettes of soldiers and air forces against the background of the sunset sky. The photo of Russian fighter jets was used in a fundraising advertisement for U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign to “support our troops. This was reported by… Read More »

Trump: the U.S. has secret weapon systems

The U.S. leader hopes that the United States will have no reason to use weapons systems that “nobody knows yet” about. U.S. President Donald Trump said the United States possesses weapons systems that are so secret that the international community knows nothing about them. He made the corresponding statement to journalists before his flight to Michigan. This was… Read More »

It snowed unexpectedly in several states in the United States.

The unexpected bad weather caused problems with electricity and traffic in some areas. In the west of the United States, snow suddenly fell in several states. In particular, heavy rainfall occurred in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota. This was reported by Stormnews on Thursday, September 10. Due to the bad weather, some areas have experienced power… Read More »

Ex-Trump aide accused of fraud

The former assistant to the American president and several others are charged with luring more than $25 million in donations. The New York Prosecutor’s Office reported that former U.S. presidential aide Stephen Bannon and three others were arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement of large donor funds. The 66-year-old Bannon, 38-year-old Brian Colpage, 56-year-old Andrew Badolato, and… Read More »