Taking care of employees turned out to be a stakeout!

Taking care of employees turned out to be a stakeout!

Smart devices may not be used at all as declared. There are many examples of this. But here is another one that shows how it can be. It shows how unprotected employees can be from employers’ arbitrariness. It all started with “taking care of employees” at Health Boost IoT Technology Company, a Chinese company that makes “smart” chair cushions.

Management has given each employee in the office one of these cushions. At first glance, this is only good – so you can control the parameters of the body throughout the working day, to monitor the correctness of posture. However, soon the office workers began to notice that the bosses made more and more claims to them. For example, there were questions as to why people left the office early or were absent from their work longer than their break lasted.

All of this was beginning to be thought-provoking. There were no cameras in the office, and the information was surprisingly accurate. The conclusion was obvious: the cushions lying on the chair of each of the employees were to blame. Their software was modified to include a function to control working time. If during the shift the chair was often empty, the management was informed immediately. Information about this way of tracking staff appeared on the Internet. A scandal erupted in the aftermath.

The employees who found themselves “under the hood” are still in shock. They have the feeling that they are not going to work, but to jail. This case should prove once again that you should not unconditionally trust smart technology. Employers should understand that their employees are people first and foremost, and only after that are hired personnel. No one excludes the control of labor discipline, but it must be implemented with the consent of employees.

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