Taliban attack checkpoint in Afghanistan, killing six cops

By | August 12, 2020
Taliban attack checkpoint in Afghanistan, killing six cops

Five other law enforcement officers were injured. At the same time, three people were killed and two were wounded by the militants.
In Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan, at least six policemen were killed and five others were wounded in a Taliban attack on a checkpoint. This is reported by Tolo News on Wednesday, August 12.

Clashes between Members of the Taliban and Afghan security forces took place the previous day in the Pachiragam area. Three people were killed and two wounded by the Islamists.

As a result of the battle, the Taliban were pushed back and forced to retreat. They have not yet commented on the incident.

Earlier, 13 security forces were killed in Afghanistan after a Taliban attack. The Taliban attacked the checkpoint at night. They also suffered losses, but the exact number of dead and injured is not specified.

It was also reported that thousands of Taliban prisoners had been released in Afghanistan. The Afghan authorities and the Taliban intend to complete the release of the prisoners today.

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