Tanzanians consider Russians to be omnipotent: “President – James Bond”

By | August 5, 2020
Tanzanians consider Russians to be omnipotent:

Tanzanians consider the Russians omnipotent. They shared their ideas about Russia. “The president is James Bond,” the people of the East African country say.

Maria Bulatnikova, the tour manager of Moyo Africa Exploration, spoke about the life and manners of Tanzania and its inhabitants. Separately, she focused on how Russia is represented in this country. Not everyone knows that this is a huge country. Many have no idea where it is.

According to Bulatnikova, Tanzanians have vague ideas about Russia. For example, they consider the President of the Russian Federation to be something of a superagent.

“They say we have a president, James Bond. I don’t disappoint them,” the tour manager told the Daily Storm.

Tanzania is mainly inhabited by people who have not received a well-educated education or have not received it at all. They believe that “white people can do everything in the world.” For example, to control missiles or to drive submarines. Bulatnikova added that locals consider her to be the owner of a special card, which will have enough money for both the yacht and the house.

On August 5, the rules of entry into Tanzania for Russians became known. Tourists need to have a certificate stating that they do not have coronavirus infection. As soon as the plane lands at the airport, you need to fill out the so-called “health declaration.”

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