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Teenager shot himself while filming social media video

Teenager shot himself while filming social media video

The high school student wanted to make a video for the social network. He begged his mother for a gun, and, posing, accidentally shot himself.
Indian teenager Keshav Kumar accidentally shot himself while filming a video for the social network TikTok, Gulf News.

The young man returned from school and decided to shoot a spectacular video. He asked his mother to give him a gun for the shooting. The woman initially refused her son, but as he asked very much, she relented and gave him a firearm.

The boy put a gun to his shoulder, portraying a military man. Accidentally he pulled the trigger, a gunshot rang out and the child collapsed to the floor. The gun was removed from the fuse.

The high school student was immediately taken to the hospital, but the doctors were powerless and he died.

The boy’s mother said she didn’t know the gun was loaded. According to her, her son liked to sit in social networks and often changed his profile images, making videos and photos.

Recall that in Crimea, a 14-year-old boy accidentally fired an air rifle at his older sister. The shot went straight to the heart.

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Earlier we wrote that the American singer Justin Carter died by a ridiculous accident on the set of his own music video. He accidentally shot himself.

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