Telegram crashed globally

By | June 6, 2020
Telegram crashed globally

Most users have problems connecting to the messenger. Also, messages are not sent.
There was a massive crash in the work of the Telegram messenger. On Saturday, June 6, this is evidenced by the data of the Downdetector service, as well as user complaints on social networks.
Problems with the messenger were reported by residents in 37 countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, India, the USA, Russia, Sweden, and Norway. Users in other countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Canada, also reported problems.

. At the same time, more than 11 thousand users complained about problems in the messenger. The vast majority of the – 93% said that they were unable to connect. The rest had problems sending messages.

The last time a global failure in Telegram occurred at the end of November 2019. Then the inability to use the messenger complained in the CIS countries and Western Europe.

Earlier, residents of several countries encountered problems when working with services. The failure of the social networks Facebook and Instagram, as well as the WhatsApp messenger, has been reported worldwide.

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