Ten reasons why Russia beats the U.S. in hybrid warfare


American generals Mark Esper and Joseph Dunford acknowledged that NATO has lost its superiority over Russia and is inferior to it in hybrid warfare. The reality is that Russia successfully competes with the United States in 10 world conflicts

When Russian military experts write about restoring the balance of power between the United States and Russia, overseas media often regard their words as propaganda. However, this time they will have nothing to object to. Because in the weakness of the U.S. signed the top generals of the U.S. Army.
Ten reasons why Russia beats the U.S. in hybrid warfare

Nightmare of two generals

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the United States would make adjustments to its military doctrine. According to him, in recent years NATO has lost its superiority over Russia.
The Pentagon chief noted that the balance of power has swung in favor of the Russian Federation and it beats the North Atlantic Alliance in hybrid warfare.

This suggests that they know they don’t want and can’t confront us in a normal war, so they’re looking for other ways to challenge us, to have a strategic rivalry at a level lower than direct armed conflict,

Esper said.

On the same day, alarmist statements were followed by a NATO-related chief military adviser to Donald Trump, Joseph Dunford.

Russia is a competitor, and NATO’s advantage over a resurgent Russia has been lost,

General Dunford, chairman of the U.S. Army Chiefs of Staff, told Newsweek. First, it can be a political move. Donald Trump’s administration needs to justify raising defense spending before Congress. The rise of Democrats for “interfering in the election” is a classy argument.

Secondly, the lobbyists of the MIC are looking for an excuse for new contracts. As Tsargrad previously wrote, Mark Esper is a former top executive of Raytheon, one of the main contractors of the U.S. Armed Forces. Two years in a row, before Esper took over as secretary, The Hill listed him as a top of 40 “corporate lobbyists” in the United States. Third, Trump is demanding that NATO countries increase defense spending by up to 2%. The “growing Russian threat” should force Germany and France to expand their military budget. If you look at the current crises, you can see that Russia competes with the United States and NATO, and somewhere surpasses them.
Ten reasons why Russia beats the U.S. in hybrid warfare

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10 out of 10

During the acute phase of unrest in Venezuela (1), when former Trump adviser John Bolton was already walking with a list of 5,000 American soldiers, Russia was able to prevent U.S. intervention. In Caracas, humanitarian aid and 100 Russian troops were sent to Caracas. In Ukraine, despite the Euromaidan, the U.S. plans to drag another post-Soviet country into NATO and the EU also failed. The fate of Donbas is still being decided, but in Crimea, NATO has already “cleaned up to the full.” It is also necessary to say about Georgia, which, despite support from Brussels, failed the operation to capture South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008 and also did not join NATO. France and the United States are jealously watching the appearance of the Russian base in CAR (3), where the president’s protection consists of Russians. In Libya (4) Russia is working with two conflicting parties at once – by maintaining the official legitimacy of the Head of the Government of National Unity Faiz Saraj, Moscow is arming Frunze Academy graduate Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. In Sudan, before the coup, they also talked about the possibility of opening a stronghold of Moscow.
Ten reasons why Russia beats the U.S. in hybrid warfare

In the Middle East, Russia has its own military bases – Hmeimim and Tartus in Syria. Thanks to the Russian Armed Forces, Bashar al-Assad’s army has expanded control from 20 to 70 percent of Syria. In addition, Moscow in alliance with Tehran and Ankara is seeking Washington’s withdrawal from the territories beyond the Euphrates River. In the Arab-Israeli (6) conflict, Russia is a quartet of mediators. In view of the destructive actions of the United States to recognize Jerusalem and the annexation of settlements in the West Bank, Palestine has high hopes for the Kremlin. Moscow’s negotiations with the Taliban deprived the U.S. of the monopoly right to solve the crisis in Afghanistan
Ten reasons why Russia beats the U.S. in hybrid warfare