Terrorist attack in Düsseldorf: German court re-exonerates "xenophobic bomber

Terrorist attack in Düsseldorf: German court re-exonerates “xenophobic bomber

Germany’s Federal Judicial Chamber today, Jan. 14, confirmed the acquittal verdict against a 54-year-old man handed down in 2018 by the Land Court in Düsseldorf. Ralph S. was suspected of committing a terrorist attack in 2000 that affected Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet republics, Deutsche Welle reports.

In July 2018, the Land Court in Düsseldorf deemed the evidence gathered insufficient to prove his guilt. The prosecutor’s office insisted at the time that the crime was committed out of xenophobic motives and demanded a life sentence. The defendant’s lawyers, in turn, argued that the investigation had failed to produce unequivocal evidence and that the prosecution relied on the testimony of “dubious” witnesses.

On July 27, 2000, there was an explosion at the Wehrhahn station in Düsseldorf, the capital of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. An improvised bomb filled with metal shavings was detonated and exploded about a hundred meters away. Most of the 10 victims, some critically injured, were Jewish emigrants from Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan. The victims were returning from German language classes at a nearby school. In addition, the unborn child of one of the women was killed after being hit in the stomach by metal splinters.

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