Tesla invented new batteries with a resource of 1.6 million km

By | May 18, 2020
Tesla invented new batteries with a resource of 1.6 million km

The other day Elon Musk was supposed to represent the new development that will revolutionize the world of electric vehicles – a battery with a minimum content of cobalt (the most expensive component in the battery industry), reducing it to 20% or none at all. Plus, the company increased the number of charge cycles from 1600 to 6000. Therefore, the resource of the batteries in terms of the run will make 1,000,000 miles, that is 1 600 000 km.

The presentation has not yet taken place, and all of this information leaked insiders told Reuters. But that’s not the point. The point is that it is a joint development with the Chinese. And at first, the battery will appear on the Tesla for the Chinese market, and later in all other markets. The first battery of the new type should appear at the end of this year or early next in Model 3.

What do we care about? What do electric cars have to people who have no Tesla stock, and to those who run on regular gasoline Hyundai and Odds? Very direct.

If all that is told about a new battery, however, the price of Tesla will be reduced. For example, batteries with cobalt cost about $ 120 per kilowatt-hour, with a low content of cobalt – $ 100 per kilowatt-hour, and baseball glove battery – $ 80 per kilowatt-hour. And if you say the cost of rechargeable cells, the cost and is only 60 dollars per kilowatt-hour. The price is almost two times lower.

Given that the cost of an electric car about half the cost is the cost of batteries under the floor, obtained a considerable cost reduction. For example, the battery of 40 kWh, now is the Nissan Leaf will cost about 350 thousand rubles.

Moreover, according to preliminary information, Tesla is going to accelerate the process of production of batteries in 30 (!) time.

This can make the price of electric vehicles is comparable to the cost of cars with internal combustion engines without any subsidies and state aid. And don’t forget that in the development of new batteries was directly involved the Chinese, and so, soon these batteries will have more compact, less premium and more accessible Chinese electric cars which can rush in Russia.

At the same Gilly, there are powerful departments in the production and development of electric vehicles. All this can bring the electric cars in the price range of Hyundai and Lada.

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