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Tesla recalls Model S and Model X. Caused by screen failure

Tesla recalls Model S and Model X. Caused by screen failure

The multimedia displays were previously seen as an extra feature, not related to safety in any way. If the screen does not work, so what, the car continues to work properly. This approach is completely unacceptable in relation to Tesla cars, where the driver has to interact with the touch screen every minute. Accordingly, it is required that the display function normally and be responsive.

Owners of Model S and Model X cars have begun to complain en masse about problems with the screen – it periodically shuts down. Screen failures are common in cars of these models produced between 2012 and 2018 and sold in the United States. The company tried not to notice the problem, but the discontent of the owners of electric cars was noticed by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency sent Tesla an official request and demanded to respond to it in a timely manner.

Such a turn has had an effect and now Tesla announced that it is ready to eliminate defects related to the screens on 135,000 of its cars. This number will not include cars that received the new multimedia processor released after 2018. The Office, which oversees the issues of road safety, saw in the failure of the screen a threat to the lives and health of road users. The matter is that the non-working screen deprives the driver of a picture from the rear-view camera and control of the system protecting glasses from fogging. Besides, some autopilot functions become inaccessible.

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It is worth noting that previously Tesla responded to the appeals of car owners in the American way simply. In all seriousness, drivers were advised to wipe windows with a cloth, use traditional mirrors and look over their shoulders in case of a multimedia screen failure and problems.

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