Tesla’s direct competitor Cybertruck introduced

Tesla's direct competitor Cybertruck introduced

Until recently, the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck didn’t have many decent alternatives. However, now the balance of power has begun to change – a small California-based company Canoo has presented another car that may well compete with the brainchild of Elon Musk. The electric car was unveiled during the Virtual Media Day event and will begin deliveries to customers in 2023.

The machine is designed from scratch by Canoo engineers. It is based on a skateboard platform that can also be used to create other versions of electric cars. Depending on the modification, it is supposed to install 1 or two electric motors. The total power of the power plant can reach 608 horsepower, and the torque is 746 Nm. The power reserve, however, is not so impressive – only 320 kilometers. However, the car has its advantages. For example, the carrying capacity of a pickup truck is over 800 kilograms.

The developers are betting on a new car, declaring it not only as a “workhorse”, but also as a car for trips out of town and for traveling with the whole family. This made the novelty saturated with features and options that are not found anywhere else. So, for example, due to the use of a retractable section, the length of the cargo area can be increased to 2.4 meters. In the front of the machine, there is a retractable folding table equipped with several sockets.

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The manufacturer offers such interesting options as additional compartments for various useful travel items, a roof rack, cargo area dividers, and its lighting. In addition, this vehicle has the constructive possibility of setting up a tent. It is assumed that the acceptance of orders will begin in the second quarter of 2021, but the price for it has not yet been announced.