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Thanks, Cap

Thanks, Cap: Chris Evans returns to the role of Captain America

Thanks, Cap: Chris Evans returns to the role of Captain America
Chris Evans is close to returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his familiar role as Captain America, a role the actor was thought to have finally moved on from years ago. Evans himself, commenting on the encouraging news, assured that this is the first time he hears about such a comeback, but not everyone believed in the truth of these words for several reasons.

This week, Deadline brought a celebration to the streets of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the eve of the premiere of the Disney + series “Wanda/Vision” (read about it in “Gazeta.Ru” tomorrow, January 16), fans learned about the impending return to the franchise of Chris Evans, who will play Steve “Captain America” Rogers. The piece noted that the parties are at least close to closing the deal – or have already reached an agreement.
We are talking about the appearance of Evans in one or two future films of the saga. Moreover, according to the source, it is likely it will not be a new solo Cap, and an important supporting role – like the one that Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark, Iron Man) had in the debut “Spider-Man” with Tom Holland, where the charismatic billionaire tried on the role of mentor for the novice superhero.
Thanks, Cap

Marvel Studios declined to comment on Evans’ possible return, while the actor himself seemed to deny the information, assuring on Twitter that it was the first time he had heard about it. However, the social media did not rule out the possibility that Chris simply lied here, not wanting to spoil the wow effect of a potential universe comeback.
Thanks, Cap: Chris Evans returns to the role of Captain America
Chris Evans, 39, made his debut as Captain America in 2011 when “The First Avenger” was released. Subsequently, he also reincarnated as one of the most popular comic book characters for “The Avengers,” “Another War,” “Age of Altrone,” “Confrontation,” “Spider-Man,” “Infinity War” as well as the final episode of the same “Avengers. What is interesting, Evans had time to try himself as a superhero even before Captain America. It happened in another film adaptation of Marvel Comics – released in 2005, “Fantastic Four” (and its sequel), where the actor played a fiery in every sense of Johnny Storm.

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Evans first announced his retirement as Captain America in 2018, saying he would no longer star in the franchise’s superhero films.

“I’m officially done with The Avengers. It was an emotional day, to say the least. Playing this role for eight years has been an honor. Thank you to everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera or sitting in the audience! Infinitely grateful”, – wrote the actor about his last day of shooting the role of Steve Rogers.

That said, the actor didn’t rule out a return to the saga in an interview with Variety the following year – though he added that he didn’t see much point in doing so.

“It’s not difficult. But it’s not that it’s necessary. I have other roles right now. I think Cap has a good ending to the story. I think the writers did a really valuable job of letting him complete his journey. When it comes to returning to the character, it’s definitely not a question of money. And it doesn’t depend on what the fans want. What’s more important is what do we want to say in this way? How does it help the story? A lot of elements have to come together to make it happen,” Evans said.

In addition to his role as Captain America, the actor is known for appearing in such films as “Get the Knives,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. Everyone,” “Gifted,” “Hellfire,” “Through the Snow” and “Before We Break Up.”

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