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The amateurish epidemic hit the planet

The American magazine Politico called the reaction of the current leaders of the Western world epidemic of amateurism.

None of them listened to experienced virologists, who have repeatedly warned that the disease will come sooner or later from China to each country.

At first, in denial of the threat, the distinguished President of the United States. Trump called the epidemic the “invention of democracy”, declaring that the coronavirus will soon disappear like a Mirage.

Now Washington is trying to convince the German company that successfully develops a vaccine against mers to move their studies in the United States. America is trying to take over the vaccine, the money for the purchase of a company was personally selected by Donald Trump.

Previously, the administration trump refused to use made in Germany test approved by who and chose to develop his own, which proved to be unreliable. This has led to significant delays in the testing of Americans.

Buddy trump is a Brazilian leader Bolsonaro recently described coronavirus “media-created fantasy”, but soon it came down, struck by the insidious virus.

Even more strangely behaved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, clearly annoyed by the fact that instead of fighting against “the Russian threat” he has to deal with some malicious viruses. Now he was stunned Britons gloomy prediction on television: “many More families will prematurely lose their beloved family members.” Of these words, many have realized that they have failed the new Churchill no strategy to combat the epidemic.

Be it behaves and Angela Merkel, known for their ability to overcome crises. The leader of the “free world” chose not to take any responsibility and laid her on his health Minister Jens Punks.

The problem of Germany is that health issues do local governments 16 länder, therefore, if you are in Berlin, all lush restaurant already closed, then at the Munich beer open as usual and full of people.

The Germans are faced with a lack of political management of the country, besides the authorities at first tried to convince them that the coronavirus is not more dangerous than seasonal flu. However, the same statement could be heard from Russian leaders and even doctors.

Europe’s leaders have long ignored warnings of experienced virologists of the urgent necessity of establishing a line of defense. And only now they began to take belated protective measures.

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