The astronaut spoke about the “excellent work” of the toilet in Crew Dragon

By | June 2, 2020
The astronaut spoke about the

Crew Dragon Commander Doug Hurley, from orbit, shared his impressions of flying SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.
The press conference was organized by NASA
Hurley said the astronauts were arguing when they were finally asked a “toilet question”. According to him, “the toilet is very similar to the one in the shuttle, and it works fine, there were no problems with it.”
The astronaut, commenting on the flight to the ISS, said that “so far everything was amazing.” As stated by Hurley, “many people think that this is a very cool-looking ship, my son thinks so, for example, and so far he (Crew Dragon) has done everything that was required of him for this mission.”
Hurley stated that the flight “was very similar to a shuttle flight.” At the same time, the crew “did not feel the docking, it was so smooth.” As the commander of Crew Dragon said, “you feel a slight sway on the shuttle,” but the crew of Endeavor (Crew Dragon) “did not feel anything.”
The crew was pleased with the work of the SpaceX spacesuits. According to him, in zero gravity it is easier to remove and put them on than on Earth.
“For me, the historical aspect (launch) definitely matters, but you should probably think about it at the end of the mission,” he said, noting that “they haven’t even passed half the way yet”, because they still have to return to Earth.
As stated by Hurley, “there is still a lot of work.”
Recall that Hurley hit the head during the transition to the ISS.
On Saturday, the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the Crew Dragon ship launched from the launch site at Cape Canaveral.

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