In Austria safes in three banks were robbed in one day.

By | November 22, 2020
In Austria safes in three banks were robbed in one day.

In all cases, the attackers robbed individual bank safes with 24-hour access.
In Austria, a group of intruders robbed individual bank safes in three different banks in the federal states of Lower Austria and Vienna in one day. The day before, Austrian public broadcaster ORF reported: “At the moment, our state criminal police department is dealing with two banks in Lower Austria, and our colleagues from Vienna are dealing with a bank in the 19th district,” said Johann Baumschlager of the Lower Austrian police.

It is specified that three separate incidents occurred almost on Friday evening, November 13. Two unknown persons entered the branch of Bank Austria in Klosterneuburg (Lower Austria) around 18.40 and left it at 23.20. The robbery of the regional branch of Raiffeisen Bank in Medling (a suburb of Vienna, Lower Austria) took place from 20:07 to 23 01. Cells in another branch of Raiffeisen, in the 19th district of Vienna, were robbed by the attackers almost simultaneously – from 08:00 to 20:00. The police still believe that the robbery was committed by a group of six people.

In all cases, individual bank safes with 24-hour access were robbed. According to bank surveillance cameras, the robbers left financial institutions with bags and backpacks. It is not yet known how they managed to bypass the security and safety system. It is also not yet clear how much money and valuables were stolen from client safes in three banks.

Earlier it was reported that in Vienna, a man with a gun robbed a bank under a medical mask. The robber seriously injured a 58-year-old bank customer, took the money, and fled on his bicycle.